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Website Features

 The International Business Cards, Inc website provides fully functional, on-line product ordering to registered customers.  Some of the features of this website include a secure login process, customizable data entry options, product previews, shopping cart-style ordering, e-mail notifications and complete order tracking. 


  1. Navigation area on left auto-configures itself based on user access
  2. Four levels of security
    • System Administrator – access to all system functions
    • Account Administrator – update Account information, can create or approve orders, can update Division information, can update User information
    • Purchasing Agent – can create or approve orders,
    • User – can view products, place orders, check order status (of only their own orders), update customer information

Broker Capabilities

  1. Provides branding to another broker, thus disguising IBC
  2. Removes IBC globe image from the header/navigation area
  3. Broker account is established at the time the Login page is launched
  4. Broker name appears in page footer with link to their web site
  5. Email messages contain broker contact information rather than IBC
  6. Color scheme of web site can be configured based on the broker account
  7. Provides "auto login" capabilities for broker accounts


  1. Account name and contact information
  2. Link back to web site and login page (for external brokers)
  3. Points to separate folder for product information
  4. Links to account logo image for navigation bar
  5. Assigns shipping methods available to this account
  6. Determines whether this account is a broker or a direct customer of IBC
  7. Provides an "IBC Notify" email address to allow orders to be routed, by account, to different individuals within International Business Cards for processing
  8. Accounts can be configured to use a different background color for the navigation area (to replace the red area with the globe in the background)
  9. Each Account can contain up to three Misc/Flex Fields.   The labels for these fields can be customized and the position of the field on the Customer/Order form can also be customized.  This feature allos IBC to quickly respond to special requests by customers to provide unique data entry requirements on their product ordering pages.
  10. Each Account can have a unique Pricing Grid message on the ordering screen


  1. Assigned by account
  2. Each record includes a division number, name, address information
  3. A division can have a separate website address than the account
  4. Shipping and billing addresses can be locked at the account level to prevent users from overriding the addresses


  1. Name, title, address, contact, email, department, business unit (all information that can/could be used on a Product)
  2. Created within Divisions
  3. Customer records are automatically created when an item is added to the shopping cart
  4. Customer records can be updated by all Users (within a Division)
  5. If a Customer is allowed to customize their phone number labels, the values are stored with the Customer for future use
  6. When adding a new Customer to the system, the system will default the Customer's address to the Division address.  The Customer can override the address at any time


  1. Product name, description, minimum quantity, increment quantity
  2. Must be placed in a product category and are then grouped as such to Users
  3. Assigned a sample image file which is displayed when a product is viewed
  4. Assigned a preview file.The preview file, built with html, contains formatting information and fields which pertain to the product (i.e. First Name, Last Name, Address, Email Address, Phone Number,…)
  5. Can be created to be universal across an Account or can be assigned to a specific Division
  6. Products can be flagged a requiring "proofing".   Any product requiring proofing will need to be validated before the order can be submitted for processing.  An email notification is sent to each individual that is required to proof an order item.  The email contains a link back to a dedicated proofing page.  From here, the user can correct any name and address information, add item comments and approve or reject the order item.  Once all order items have been processed, the purchasing agent is notified of the results and they can then do a final review of the order.
  7. Customized phone labels are available by account.  IBC has the ability to customize the phone number labels to provide standard labels by Account.  The option is also available to allow the Customer to override these labels if necessary.
  8. Templates for phone numbers can be customized by Account to force standard entry of phone numbers (i.e. 999.999.9999 --- requires a 10 digit number using a dot as the separator)
  9. Three miscellaneous fields are provided per Account.  These fields can be customized by Account.
  10. Products can, optionally, contain pricing information.  The pricing information can include a customized grid of up to 10 different pricing levels.  Each grid can be customized with text appropriate to the Account/Product.

Product Preview

  1. Available to Users as they create their order
  2. Substitutes User information (name, address,…) into the pre-built Preview file
  3. Provides capability to eliminate blank lines (i.e. extra address lines)
  4. Previews will automatically retain/remove the E-Mail label based on the presence of an email address
  5. Phone prefix fields can be customized by Account to provide unique labels.  Prefixes are automatically hidden from the preview if the corresponding phone number is not present.

Shopping Cart

  1. One open shopping cart order is allowed per user
  2. If a user logs off with an open shopping cart order, the same order will still be available when they log back into the system
  3. Unlimited line items/products can be added to an order
  4. View Cart page provides a list of the open shopping cart order items.User can update a line item or delete it
  5. Product View page automatically configures itself based on product preview (i.e.if Product only requires Name and Address, that is all that the Product View page will prompt the user for)
  6. Preview button displays predefined preview with User and Division information substituted into the preview
  7. Automatically adds new Customers to the database
  8. Allows updates to existing Customer information at time of order
  9. Validates order quantity based on Minimum Quantity and Increment Quantity
  10. Allows user to add Notes to an item (i.e. Special instructions)
  11. If a product requires proofing, a Proof EMail address is required at the time the order is placed. 
  12. Configurable, by account, a separate charge code field can be requested by the system at order entry time.


  1. Prompts for shipping method, po number, special instructions and ship/bill address
  2. Pre-fills ship/bill address with User’s division address
  3. Allows override of ship/bill address
  4. Order Completion sends confirmation email to User, broker and if applicable, Purchasing Agent.   A link back to the Login page is provided in the email message sent to the User.
  5. Displays full order detail with product preview
  6. Orders entered by Users must be approved by a purchasing agent or account agent.Orders entered by purchasing agents or account agents do not need approval.

User Administration

  1. Users are created by Account and must be assigned to a Division
  2. User Ids must be unique across the system
  3. Contains user name, email address, phone number and fax number
  4. Users can be assigned to one of four roles:System Administrator,
  5. Account Administrator, Purchasing Agent, User
  6. “Users” must be assigned to an “Approved By” user (can either be an Account Administrator or a Purchasing Agent)
  7. Only System Administrators and Account Administrators can add/change User information
  8. If an email address is entered into the Notify Email field, that person will be notified any time a new order is created by this user or if the order status for this user changes.
  9. A user can be set up with a Proof Email Address.  This  email address will serve as the default email address that will require need to proof the order item.  If a default is specified, the user will not be able to override it at the time the order is placed.
  10. Allows for the creation of master user ids.  This users are only accessible to system adminstrators.

Product Category

  1. A list of Product Categories that can be assigned to Products
  2. A grouping for Products

Shipping Methods

  1. A list of Shipping Methods that can then be attached to Accounts

Payment Options

  1. A list of Payment Options that can then be attached to Accounts (future enhancement)

Order Management

  1. Order Inquiry – inquiry by order status and start/end date of order
  2. Order Detail page displays all order details and items (with product previews)
  3. Status Update – administrators and purchasing agents can modify order status.Purchasing agents can approve or reject.Administrators can change the order status to any of these values:Pending, Submitted, Approved/In Process, Shipped, Cancelled, Rejected
  4. Administrators and Purchasing Agents can update/enter a Purchase Order Number and can add additional comments to the order at the time they Approve or Reject an order
  5. Provides a Print Order button to allow the user to print just the order details without any extraneous web graphics

Setup Fees

      Please contact IBC for online set up and maintenance fees.


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